Well as predictable as the sun coming up, our poster child for strict gun control laws (Chicago) reported yet another 47 shooting incidents for the week of 11/20-11/26 bringing this years total to 2,591.  I guess some folks just didn’t like their turkeys that week.

On 11/27, Fox news in Houston reported on a family man minding his own business outside of his home when multiple bad guys came up behind him and put a gun to his head.   Alexander Borrego’s wife and two daughters had just gone inside their house moments before.  The bad guys started dragging Borrego to his garage when Borrego remembered he was carrying his own pistol.  Not wanting anyone to harm his family, he took a bold move, swung around, swatted the gun from his head and fired two shots at the gunman.  That’s when the gunman and his accomplices started to run, the gunman wounded and lagging behind his cohorts.

It turns out the attackers were teens as young as 13 years old.  The four attackers ran to the 13 year old’s house, where his mommy rushed him to the hospital.  I’m guessing it’s kind of hard to be thug when your mommy has to save your stupid butt.

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