Well yet another week of the impossible in Chicago land.  Despite some of the strictest gun laws in the nation, Chicago reported yet another 46 shootings bringing this years total up to 2,637 impossible shooting incidents.  When will people learn that no matter what laws you put on the books, guess what, bad guys will just break them.

On 12/7, the Tribunist reported that bad guys should never point guns at children.  A not too bright criminal decided to rob a Popeyes Chicken franchise in San Antonio.  When the employees refused to hand over the cash, the criminal pointed his gun at a nearby family, and demanded the father hand over all the cash in his wallet.  Dad replied that he spent all his cash on the meal for his family and asked if he and his family could just leave.  Frustrated, the bad guy pointed the gun back on the employees and once again demanded they hand over the cash.  That’s when dad had enough, he pulled his concealed carry gun and shot the bad guy, who was later pronounced dead on the scene.

It’s a good thing they weren’t in Chicago, the only one with a gun probably would have been the bad guy.

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