Well for a city with the strictest gun control laws, this week’s shooting crimes in Chicago went up by another 33, bringing this years total to 2514 shooting incidents.  Yes, that’s right, the city that’s known to have the strictest gun control laws in the land, the city that gave us one of the biggest gun control zealots in the oval office, still has had 2,514 shooting incidents just this year alone.

However, on September 15th of this year, an Austin man  was able to stop a sexual assault because when he goes jogging on Austin’s hike and bike trail, he carries three things.  A cellphone, a flashlight and his handgun.  While jogging, he heard the screams of a woman.  According to Kvue, the crime was one of three similar incidents in a several week period that put runners’ on edge along the busy path.  Our good guy with a gun, Josh Williams stated “I came up, pulled my gun and told him to get off of her,” he said. “Get on your knees and show me your hands.”.  Williams says “I don’t see myself as being a hero,” he said. “But I guess I am.”

I think some of the educational things to take away from this incident a good guy with a gun may not have just saved one innocent by-stander, but appears to have stopped a serial rapist.  The next thing is the distinction between use of force and use of deadly force.  This weeks hero made what appears to be several very quick decisions.  First to pull his weapon in defense of another, and that use of force was adequate to stop the action.  Remember not every incident will require use of deadly force to stop an illegal action.

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