Unfortunately we will no longer accept payments through paypal due to their fraudulent business practices.  Paypal actively participates in schemes that defraud small business owners.  In early July of this year a customer ordered a product through our site, then decided to file a claim through paypal stating that they did not authorize the purchase.  Had I received the payment through my normal credit card processor, the fee would have been refunded.  However, Paypal refused to return the customers money for 3 weeks, then expected me to still pay the transaction fee.  They attempted to state that I had agreed to those terms, however when I requested a signed document to that effect they were unable to produce such an agreement because it never existed.

Although the fee was only $29, we could not in good conscience support a companies fraudulent business practice and are refusing to pay because the principal would encourage them to continue defraud their customers and small business owners.  All a person would need to do to drive a small business into bankruptcy is to make multiple fraudulent charges to the business and require a refund, all while leaving the small business on the hook for fees they did not agree to cover.

We will continue to accept cash, check and credit cards though.



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